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A psychologist and mindfulness teacher for personal psychotherapy, evidence based health or effective business practices.

Meaningful Change.

Evidence-based Practices, Community and personal growth


The term Skillful Means (Upaya-kusala) is derived from the Buddhist perspective on right living. It is the simple idea that there are skillful and unskillful ways to find contentment, strengthen relationships and make meaningful steps toward your personal goals.

Skillful Means was founded by William Jackson PsyD with the aim to create a supportive and welcoming community through weekly classes, newsletters, retreats, therapy, scientific presentations, teachings and community events to support individuals to make meaningful change in their lives.



As a licensed clinical health psychologist William encourages a regular practice of meditation to lead and/or support a psychotherapeutic process.

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Meditation Training

Mindfulness training is focused on setting up a basic practice that you can do on your own, integrating mindfulness into your daily life.


Partner Programs

Professional partnerships are essential to connecting you with the resources you need to meet your goals and find an optimal state of wellbeing.