SkillfulMeans Mission Statement:

We desire a world where people value one another’s differences and support each other in their unique path to well-being. This is why we created the SkillfulMeans community where people are not just tolerating each other’s differences but supporting each other in their unique self-growth journey. At SkillfulMeans we foster meaningful conversations, acceptance, and encouragement of one another along this inward path of self-inquiry, self-acceptance, and self-compassion.

What is Mindfulness?

​Mindfulness is the moment of awakening. A moment of mindfulness is where we wake up enough to see ourselves through a wider lens that can let in more self-compassion and self-acceptance.

It is that moment when you realize you were caught up in a thought, feeling, perception or habit. In that waking up you have agency to choose how you respond to your feelings, thoughts and ultimately who you want to be.

Why Practice Meditation with SkillfulMeans?

At SkillfulMeans the definition of meditation practice is more expansive than what happens on a meditation cushion. It is the skill of calming the mind and body enough to have a moment of mindfulness. As moments of mindfulness accumulate we get to know ourselves through a process of self-inquiry and curiosity. This gentle path leads to goal of the practice,  insight. Insight is getting clearer on the only thing that really matters: behavior that increases your well-being and the wellbeing of your community.

Most people define meditation as sitting on a cushion with your eyes closed and focusing on the breath. At SkillfulMeans, however, we define this practice as this practice of cultivating mindfulness which can be done on or off a cushion, in a conversation with a friend or while enjoying a meal. MIndfulness practice can be done with your eyes wide open and fully engaging in your life.


Why learn the SkillfulMeans practice?

The SkillfulMeans practice is a technique which helps us to hone the skill of cultivating mindfulness and then applying it to our lives.

At SkillfulMeans, we aim to guide people through a process of self-inquiry with the SkillfulMeans practice to get really clear on what matters most to them in life and to build their life from that focal point. This method helps to bring about moments of mindfulness in our day-to-day lives and apply our insights to our lives.

Having curiosity with oneself is the process of getting to know oneself deeper. We often judge others by their cover or form stories in our mind about why people do the things they do or who they are. The irony is, we do the same thing with ourselves. We tell ourselves stories about who we are and why we can or cannot do certain things all day long.

We base these stories off of our memories and experiences from the past. The problem is that memory is selective, malleable and constantly changing as we are changing in every moment. It’s constantly changing as we get older and we often only remember the bits and pieces that created the strongest emotional reaction or emotional memory, which isn’t the whole story. Thus, forming harsh judgements or conclusions about ourselves based on the past, is not as skillful as, say, finding acceptance for the present or past through self-compassion and mindfulness.

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