Mindfulness-Based Therapy With Dr. William Jackson

One-On-One Guidance And Support

Create a meaningful and balanced life with mindfulness-based therapy. Work with a psychologist who studied both as a Buddhist monk in the jungles of Myanmar and researched the most effective clinical mindfulness interventions. William will use mindfulness and self-compassion practices to guide you towards self-acceptance and new mindsets that allow you to cultivate inner kindness and well-being.

William’s Approach
To Mindfulness-Based

William focuses on identifying and aligning personal values to make lasting lifestyle changes rooted in self-care. With the aid of mindful awareness, you’ll notice a newfound commitment to your health, relationships, business, and creative endeavors.

In addition to traditional psychotherapy approaches (CBT, Psychodynamic, ACT), sessions with William incorporate meditation training and personalized mindfulness skills.

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Use mindfulness-based therapy to improve all areas of your life. Achieve your work goals, experience more connection at home, and discover overall presence and joy.

Skillful Means FAQ’s


Due to COVID, all appointments are currently conducted via video telehealth sessions. Clients receive automatic email reminders 48 hours and 10 minutes prior to their telehealth appointment. Text and/or email reminders can be customized using the client portal. Clients click the link in the reminder email to be connected to their secure video telehealth session.

Shared Documents and Apps

Dr. Jackson uses a variety of materials in his work with clients. In addition to common therapeutic modalities, Dr. Jackson includes both mindfulness training and a workbook that helps clients keep track of their current personal definition of well-being. This is separate from normal “doctor’s notes”. It will come in the form of a shared document that the client always has access to and can update in their own time. In the near future this will come in the form of an app.

Courses and Community

The Skillfulmeans courses are not a part of one on one therapy but can be complementary support. Both one on one therapy and the courses include similar components but many clients prefer the support of a community. Any client that does one of the Skillfulmeans courses has access to the community Insight Hour Group. However, many other community components are available to one on one clients.


All one-on-one sessions with Dr. Jackson are private. As a psychologist, your privacy is protected by law with the standard exceptions including billing services and safety. Your information will never be shared with a third party without express consent.

Billing and Insurance

Clients are encouraged to contact their insurance company prior to their first appointment to inquire about the details of their plan’s mental health coverage. Some insurance companies will reimburse members for treatment from out-of-network providers (Superbills are available upon request for submission to insurance companies). For out-of-pocket fees, credit cards are billed online using Simple Practice’s secure payment processing.