More Than Just
Mindfulness Programs:
A Complete Approach To Wellbeing

Experience inner calm, focus, and clarity with these 12-week supportive mindfulness programs. You’ll learn how to define your own vision of wellbeing and then how to apply your practice to the areas in your life that need it the most such as relationships, meaningful work, and physical and mental health.

A Complete Roadmap To Mindful Living

In a society that is becoming more and more distracted, our ability to be calm and focused is increasingly valuable. Your relationships, career, health, and impact depend on your capacity to be present. With this 12-week mindfulness program, you’ll learn how to reclaim your attention and apply it to your vision of wellbeing.

Here’s what to expect from
our mindfulness programs:

Engaging Mindfulness Tutorials

Master the step-by-step SkillfulMeans approach to mindfulness and wellbeing with weekly training videos from Dr. William Jackson.

Weekly Q & A Calls

Join live weekly group coaching calls with William to discuss any questions, challenges, and breakthroughs you experience as you move through the course. Learn from fellow course participants as they navigate their journey to wellbeing alongside you.

Daily Insight Journal Questions

Use the course’s weekly journal prompts to build a deeper understanding of your practice. The prompts will help you uncover limiting beliefs, internal obstacles, as well as recognize insights and breakthroughs.

Mindfulness Partner Exercises

Work with a partner as you progress through the program. Grow your capacity for mindfulness by practicing with another person and sharing your experiences on the path of wellbeing.

Guided Daily Meditation

Practice with daily recorded meditations. These give a rhythm of calm and insight while ensuring consistent growth in your mindfulness practice.

Curated Content

Receive access to our library of curated videos, readings, and talks given by some of the most insightful experts in the field of applied mindfulness. These resources provide a wider context for your practice and further immerse you in the world of mindfulness and wellbeing.

Daily Sitting Circles

Sticking to a daily meditation practice is hard.

To make it easier, you can join a Sitting Circle: a small group that commits to sit together, via video chat, at a set time every weekday.

12 Week Programs

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personal well-being


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Revamp Health by
Listening to Your Gut

Heather Wise MPH


Reclaim Your Power
of Creativity
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Marika Reisberg LPC

Growing Up

Sharing mindfulness
with kids


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