Mindfulness Based Meditation

Mindfulness training  is a vast system of practices that are thousands of years old. Many approaches are also supported by current scientific research. However,  not all types of meditation are the same and different ways of practicing give different results.

Each culture that has adopted these meditation practices have adapted them to address the needs of that particular culture. The following trainings can be  adapted to your particular lifestyle, values, religion, business or clinical needs. 

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5 session Individual Mindfulness Skills Training (MST)

Deciding to live life intentionally is powerful and freeing. That choice happens in every moment. The more we practice developing insight for ourselves and care for those around us the more that choice expands. These mindfulness trainings are focused on setting you up with some basic practices that you can do on you own to starting integrating mindfulness into your daily life.

Session 1 - Intake questions, introduction to mindfulness practices science and history,                           MST warm up practice and recording

Session 2 - MST meditation, setting up a personal practice, clarifying personal motivation

Session 3 - MST meditation, mindfulness in daily life, walking meditation

Session 4 - MST meditation, developing positive emotions, 

Session 5 - MST meditation, Insight oriented meditation (understanding emotions,                                   relationships, managing difficult sensations), Plan for continued support


Workshops and retreats 

Practicing in a group can make learning meditation easier. Learn from your peers, get and give support , share your wisdom and make some friends!


Self Study 

This will be a self study mindfulness program with multimedia materials.

I have started with a few videos.