Scientific Websites

Wisebrain - Website is created by Rick Hanson (psychologist, meditation teacher and author) It is devoted to nonsectarian mindfulness practices, exercises and handouts. This site is great for clinicians, teachers students and patients. 

Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine - The is a website for the center created by Herbert Benson, author of the, "Relaxation Response." Herbert Benson was one of the first doctors to begin serious research on the physical effect of mindfulness.

Center for Mindfulness -  Website for the center of mindfulness which is the organization started by Jon Katab-Zinn, author and creator of the 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). MBSR is now the clinical standard of care for mindfulness training.

North Shore Mindfulness Center - Local resource for quality mindfulness training



Buddhist Websites

Buddha Net - Tons of information. First stop for all things Buddhist whether you are looking fora a place to practice or meditation recordings, books or even comics. However it might be overwhelming. 

Access to insight - All the original Buddhist texts. Make sure you spell what you are looking for correctly. 

Buddhism Wiki - Great overview. This is closely tended by attentive monks in monasteries that have internet access. 

Ajahm Brahm Talks - Awesome Buddhist talks about life and practice. Both insightful and entertaining.

Dharma Seed - Talks on meditation and life. Guided meditations and dharma talks.