Skillful Means Interviews & Meditation Group (Monthly-First Mondays)
to Oct 12

Skillful Means Interviews & Meditation Group (Monthly-First Mondays)

  • The Boston Center for Contemplative Practices (map)
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Check in for 5ish min
7:35pm Meditation (half guided) meditation
8:00pm Interview

Meditation: If you want to go further in your mindfulness practice than listening to Headspace when you are stressed, don't want to be part of a weird seance and are not necessarily looking to become a Buddhist but think the Dalai Lama, Jon Kabat-Zinn and others seem to be on to something about living a meaningful life, this group is for you.

Interviews: In an Inside the Actors Studio style, each month will feature a local or visiting teacher, coach, scientist, business owner or community creator. Our focus is to get inside the minds and practice of people who are bringing more well-being to our communities and in the process learn something deeper about ourselves.

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Skillful Means Half Day Retreat
2:00 PM14:00

Skillful Means Half Day Retreat

Mindfulness is an essential part of the meditation practice. When it is cultivated many benefits are experienced for oneself and for those around you, a great sense of awareness and appreciation, calm and clarity to name a few.

Whether you are an experienced practitioner looking for a new perspective or you are new to meditation practice, this one day retreat is designed to give you a refreshing day of meditation, dharma, yoga and a chance to meet other people dedicated to healthy authentic living.

9:00am Introductions and Intentions for Practice
9:30am Dharma Talk
10:00am Coming to our Senses (Mindfulness Exercise)
10:30am Break
10:45am Guided Sitting Meditation (Anapanasati)
11:30am Guided Walking Meditation
11:45am Sitting Meditation
12:15am Insights and Gratitude

General Admission $70
Student / Financial Hardship $50
Supporting $90

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Wellness Wednesdays @ General Assembly
6:30 PM18:30

Wellness Wednesdays @ General Assembly

Take a break from your busy week and join GA for our Wellness Wednesday for an evening of yoga and meditation. Leave the stresses of work and life behind as you sit through a guided class. Learn various techniques of yoga and meditation that will help you breeze through the rest of your week. Sessions are based on a first-come, first-served basis. Upon check-in, you will be asked which session you would like to attend. Please find descriptions below!

Featured Meditation Workshop, led by William Jackson

This mindfulness class will include a little science, a little philosophy and a little dark chocolate. We will start the class with a clear intention and then go deeper into understanding how meditation works on the brain and body and then learn a simple set of meditations you can continue practicing when you get home. Participate in walking, eating and sitting meditation and learn how to both listen and communicate in a more meaningful and mindful way. Leave feeling refreshed and like you got a mental workout that will make you feel clearer and more confident about the direction of your life.

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