Our Coaching Methodology:

Most mindfulness-based therapies that currently exist are focused around moving away from a set of symptoms like anxiety or depression.

Our coaching and programs at SkillfulMeans are based on the psychology research behind acceptance and commitment (ACT) therapies which shows when we identify and commit to moving towards reasonable outcomes we want to achieve in our lives (like improving our communication skills with our partner, finding more meaning in our career, creating a more positive relationship with food and our body ect) that this results in reduced anxiety and depressive symptoms in addition to creating positive change in our lives.

Meet Our Coaches

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Dr. William Jackson, a clinical psychologist, meditation teacher, and the founder of SkillfulMeans. While meditating as a monk in remote jungle huts for 12 to 14 hours a day, William developed a fascination with how people living fully engaged modern lives could experience the life-changing benefits of meditation. This calling led him to leave the monastery, study psychology, and develop the SkillfulMeans approach to complete wellbeing. It is the goal of SkillfulMeans to help you infuse insight into every facet of your life.

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Heather Wise, MPH is a SkillfulMeans certified mindfulness coach, certified health and wellness coach, and author of the book, A Gut Feeling. While researching the topic of the microbiome for her book in 2016, she uncovered the hidden science behind mindfulness to manage stress and improve our health and wellness. This fueled her personal practice and desire to share the power of mindfulness with others. Heather has been teaching mindfulness and other gut-brain practices in yoga studios, wellness programs and with one-on-one clients ever since. She has taught workshops at Harvard Medical School in addition to conferences and corporate environments.

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